Research Community

ONC welcome opportunities to collaborate on co-ordinated ocean solution research projects in different regions of the worlds oceans. ONC is joining hands with research teams around the world to target solutions to the most pressing issues of climate change, food security and ocean acidification.   Whilst we work in partnership, we rely on our collaborators for independent work that adds to the growing base of relevant peer reviewed science.

Feasibility Studies

The site investigation and feasibility study is a service offered by ONC to governments and private organisations who wish to explore the economic and humanitarian benefits of the patented Ocean Nourishment process. The study will determine whether Ocean Nourishment is suitable for the proposed site or sites.

The feasibility studies would address issues such as:

  •  Is Ocean Nourishment suitable to our waters?
  • What potential is there for increasing fisheries?  
  • Which fish would prosper?
  • What ecosystem changes can we expect
  • What impact could the process have on our food security
  • Is there a risk of harmful algal blooms;
  • How much CO2 could be sequestered?

Ocean Nourishment Foundation

ONC provides support and assistance to the independent Ocean Nourishment Foundation that is focused on mechanisms to ensure that the poor and malnourished get adequate access to marine food sources and protein.



For further information on an investment in Ocean Nourishment Corporation please contact us.