The atmospheric CO2 concentration is now 400ppm on average, more than 40% above the concentration at the start of the Industrial Revolution (about 278 ppm in 1750). The present concentration is the highest during at least the last 800,000 years (Global Carbon Project). The scientific community believes that when a concentration of 450 ppm CO2 in the atmosphere is reached, or when average global temperatures increase by 2 degrees or more, significant and possibly irreversible climate change will occur.

Whilst maintaining a safe climate is technologically and economically feasible, current projections based on Country pledges will result in a > 3 degree's warmer world by the end of the century.   The current plan for implementing the Paris Climate Agreement falls well short of the urgent action that is necessary.

It is now widely accepted that to reach acceptable climate stabilisation targets it will be necessary to both reduce emissions and remove legacy carbon from the atmosphere. Ocean Nourishment is a technology that removes legacy carbon from the atmosphere and sequesters this into the largest carbon sink on the planet – the deep ocean.

One Ocean Nourishment™ site will remove approximately 5-8 million tonnes of CO2 from the atmosphere for each year of operation, equivalent to offsetting annual emissions from a typical 1000 MW coal-fired power station or the short-term sequestration from one million hectares of new growth forest. In addition, removing carbon from the surface ocean will assist in reversing the process of ocean acidification.