Ocean Nourishment Corporation Pty Ltd (‘ONC’) was incorporated in 2004 specifically to develop Ocean Nourishment technology and to realise its potential as part of the solution to looming global challenges.  The company grew from early recognition that little additional land was available to tackle food and climate security and that the oceans are the major natural carbon store and generally a poorly managed resource with much untapped potential.

We are working on ocean solutions for a sustainable future.


what we do

Our team of scientists, engineers and oceanographers are working on ocean solutions that are both sustainable and scalable.  Our aim is to make a positive difference for a more sustainable world. 

ONC works in partnership with academic institutions researching where and how Ocean Nourishment solutions can be implemented. 

We focus on how carbon transfers to and is stored within the ocean depths by means of the oceans biological pump, how biological processes in the surface ocean might assist in reducing ocean acidification and we are researching open ocean mariculture for enhancing the sustainable harvest of marine protein.

Ocean Nourishment Corporation is an ethical organisation established with the goals of mitigating the impacts of rapid climate change, providing sustainable sources of protein rich food from the oceans and reducing acidification of the surface ocean.
— John Ridley, Managing Director